10 Fun Podcast to Learn French For Any Level

There is a lot of french material circulating the web. Let alone the thousands of podcasts out there! So we break down some of our favorites for you.


1. Coffee Break French 

Listeners get to follow along as host and language teacher Mark teaches french to his student Anna in a lively manner. (iTunes – website)

Aim: For Beginners

Duration: 10-15 min/podcast

Speed: Normal

Perks: Engaging and draws in listener

Materials: Accompanying notes


2. Learn Out Loud: Survival Phrases

During the podcast the teacher repeats the phrase a number of times and then breaks it down into component syllables to help you pronounce it like a French-speaking native. (website)

Aim: Beginners

Duration: 2 – 5 min/podcast

Speed: Medium to Fast

Perks: Gets listeners pronouncing correctly and fast the most important phrases

Materials: none


3. Daily French Pod 

Alternation between narration by Louis and his conversations with other speakers. (website)

Aim: For Advanced Learners

Duration: 5-7 min/podcast

Speed: Slow to Normal

Perks: Lessons conducted entirely in French based on everyday situations and conversation you may encounter while in France

Materials: pdf notes, and transcripts


4. Je French.com

Natural-sounding conversations about everyday matters. (website)

Aim: Beginners

Duration: 5-10 min/podcast

Speed: Normal

Perks: Similar to being in a Parisian café eavesdropping on the table next to you, focus on pronunciation and conversation skills

Materials: Accompanying with full transcript and exercises


5. French Podcasts.com

Host presents the French language to students with a series of real-life topics.  (website)

Aim: Advanced beginners to intermediates

Duration: 5-15 min/podcast

Speed: Normal

Perks: Great way to train your ear hearing natives converse in real-life events and get accustomed to the language’s speed

Materials: Accompanying transcripts


6. One Thing in a French Day

Presents a small slice of a Frenchwoman’s day. (website)

Aim: Beginners

Duration: 2-5 min/podcast

Speed: Normal

Perks: Concentrates on different daily life events

Materials: Descriptions before each podcast


7. Learn French by Podcast

Natural-sounding conversations about everyday matters.  (iTunes – website)

Aim: Beginners to Advance

Duration: 10-30 min/podcast

Speed: Normal

Perks: Similiar to being in a Parisian café eavesdropping on the table next to you

Materials: Accompanying with full transcript and exercises


8. One Minute French

Teacher Pierre-Benoit takes the listener through enough French language basics to help them converse during a vacation or business trip.  (iTunes – website)

Aim: Beginners

Duration: 2-4 min/podcast

Speed: Slow

Perks: Short, fast, and packed with information

Materials: Accompanying with full transcript and exercises


9. French Pod 101

Scenes of everyday French life that are voiced by native French speakers.  (website)

Aim:  Beginners to Advanced

Duration: 2 – 10 min/podcast

Speed: Normal

Perks: Lessons are well structured and well thought out, get cultural insights and travel tips

Materials: Pdf lessons


10. News in Slow French.com

News stories are read out in French at a much slower speed than you would hear on the television or radio. (iTunes – website)

Aim: Advanced Beginners to Intermediates

Duration: 2 – 15 min/podcast

Speed: Slow

Perks: Enunciation is clear and allows user to easily pick up new vocabulary

Materials: Transcript of each lesson


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