How American Are You? How many American Expressions Do You Know?


How Many American English Expressions Do You Know?


Almost everyone can agree that learning English is a journey. Once you think you have mastered all the rules, you come across another exception. What really makes English difficult is that various countries around the world in different regions have their own slang and expressions. This also makes English a very versatile language, and it seems that Americans have mastered it’s flexibility whether it be in music, poetry, or movies.

To help you wrapped your mind around American English expressions, we put together a fun quiz to see how many of these American expression you might already know.



What does “dodged a bullet” mean?

What does “for the birds” mean?

What does “Shoot the breeze” mean?

What does “Taking a rain check” mean?

What does “John Hancock” mean?

What does “Butter up” mean?

What does "Kick the bucket" mean?

What does "Skeleton in the closet" mean?

What does "Go cold turkey" mean?

What does "Cut to the chase" mean?




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