Jokes You’ll Only Understand If You Paid Attention During Spanish Class

Jokes You’ll Understand If You Know Some Spanish

1. Is Soy milk trying to send us a message:

He must be Spanish

2. #YOLO:

spanish bilingual jokes(source)

3. The dime whisperer:


4. Those two words have completely different meanings:

I want a lawyer

5. Because these sentences will be very useful someday:

strange spanish sentences(source)

6. Another way to learn Spanish:

spanish sentences bilingual jokes(source)


7. This toothpaste marketing is pretty dark :

8. Speaking of campaigns, General Motors had a very famous fiasco in trying to market the Nova car in Central and South America. “No va” in Spanish means, “It Doesn’t Go” :

No Go text with chevy car

9. This joke is magical:


10. Nah, they just go sit on your keyboard:


11. You must respect the Ñ :

12. ‘Butt’ really respect…

jokes about papa and papá

13. Then there is this joke about the Spanish national anthem:

14. This is actually a pretty decent explanation:

15. And this sign wishing you a happy holiday:

spanish joke about for lease navidad feliz navidad

16. Procrastination makes perfect sense in Spanish


spanish joke about studying

17. A compliment that only a bilingual pokemon fan would understand:



18. The story of Juan the arachnid:

Jokes about Spanish spider

Ok that’s enough internet for today…

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