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Jokes You’ll Understand If You Know Some Spanish 1. Is Soy milk trying to send us a message: (source) 2. #YOLO: (source) 3. The dime whisperer: (source) 4. Those two words have completely different meanings: (source) 5. Because these sentences will be very useful someday: (source) 6. Another way to learn Spanish: (source)   7. […]

French Expressions That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing       French people don’t “have a lot on their plate”…they “have bread on the board” (J’ai du pain sur la planche). French people don’t say “for next to nothing”…they say “for a mouthful of bread” (Ça coûte une bouchée de pain).   French […]

This Amazing Tree Shows How Languages Are Connected   Minna Sundberg captures in an elegant illustration of a linguistic tree how languages are connected to another. Using data gathered by Ethnologue , the tree reveals some fascinating links between languages. Sundberg explains what’s missing and where the data came from: “Language trees for the language lovers! I’ve gathered pretty […]

Un étudiant allemand invente sa propre langue   Fynn Schlemminger savait exactement ce qu’il voulait faire pour son projet de fin d’étude: créer une langue à partir de zéro. Et c’est exactement ce qu’il a fait. La langue qu’il a inventée s’appelle le Garadálava, et selon son créateur, elle est unique. “L’idée derrière la création […]

The 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World   Assigning hard data to the number of native speakers in a language is not an easy task due to the many dialects and sub-dialects out there. Also how do we trust the reliability of the number of data sources made by several different institutions. Below is […]

How Many of these French Expressions Do You Know?   Learning French is tough and with all the bizarre expressions out there it is no wonder why it leaves people scratching their heads with confusion.  Below we put together a quiz with illustrations create by James Chapman to see if you can guess what some […]

  How Many American English Expressions Do You Know?   Almost everyone can agree that learning English is a journey. Once you think you have mastered all the rules, you come across another exception. What really makes English difficult is that various countries around the world in different regions have their own slang and expressions. […]

Making Friends In French Is Tough         Tips On How to Make Friends In Paris   On a more serious note. Paris is beautiful and full of culture, but many foreigners find it difficult to make friends when arriving in Paris. Here are some tips to help you find and make friends […]

The Top 5 Best Translation Apps for Language Learners   It is a mobile world! In fact more and more people cannot live without their cellphones near their side and this is for a good reason. Apps are important tools for us in our everyday on-the-go lives. So it is no wonder why more and […]

There is a lot of french material circulating the web. Let alone the thousands of podcasts out there! So we break down some of our favorites for you.   1. Coffee Break French  Listeners get to follow along as host and language teacher Mark teaches french to his student Anna in a lively manner. (iTunes – website) […]

It seems that a few things get more attention than money. Why? Well people use money everyday – sometimes multiple times per day. People plan where they live around money, where they travel around money, and what they eat around money. So it is no wonder why it has developed such a rich and colorful […]

One of my favorites way to dabble in a foreign language is to watch movies, but recently I have been noticing my attention span is decreasing. I decided that why not try TV series since they are from 25- 40 minutes long.   TV series have two main benefits:   1. Short Duration Easier to […]

Your biggest barrier to effective language learning? Translating   Hello fellow language learners! Here’s Theo, currently struggling padawan in the process of learning French and proud owner of an unhealthy obsession for languages: I speak Romanian, German, English, and in-progress Spanish and French. Some of these I’ve learnt as a child, others later in my […]

So while the French might not have invented cooking, the French were the first and best at creating systems and rules for cooking, writing them down, and passing them on. Here are some words that stuck in the English language: 1. Apéritif When you have a little glass of something before sitting down for a […]

Avez-vous déjà eu du mal à apprendre une nouvelle langue ?   Si vous repensez à toutes ces heures passées à essayer de comprendre la logique grammaticale de la langue que vous apprenez, j’imagine que oui ! Il s’avère que si vous changez deux petites choses dans votre façon d’étudier, vous pourrez absorber et mémoriser […]

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