Making Friends In French

Making Friends In French Is Tough


Making Friends In French




Tips On How to Make Friends In Paris


On a more serious note. Paris is beautiful and full of culture, but many foreigners find it difficult to make friends when arriving in Paris. Here are some tips to help you find and make friends in Paris.

1.Find Groups on Facebook

Taking advantage of social media is a great way to easily find new people in Paris. Join and make an announcement in friendly local facebook groups .


2.Learn French

The best way to connect with local is to learn the language especially if you want to mingle with Parisians. If you start making an effort to pick up the language, you will be making friends in no time. Find yourself a tandem language exchange Partner, so that you established a relationship of helping each other learn one another’s language.


They often organize get-togethers and parties by the Seine or at Champ de Mars near the Eiffel tower.


4.Meetups / Expat Bars

Join local Parisian meetup language groups. They usually have many options of different events and activities for expats to join. Just be sure that these events are not just for expats but also for French people.

Go to expat bars. Many foreigners and expats tend to hang out at tourist friendly locations and English speaking bars. Café Oz is one of them.


5.Cité Universitaire

The houses there often organize cultural events which offers plenty of opportunity to meet people from different countries.


Bonne Chance!

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