The Most Complicated Word In The English Language

The Most Complicated Word In The English Language, According To A Finnish Comedian


Learning any language is a journey. Once you think you mastered the language you discover words that have no logic like the word “ass”. During his time in the United States, comedian ISMO tells us the small nuances in learning a new language with just one word ‘ass’ . It may seem like a simple straight forward word but it is in fact the most complicated word in the American English language.

For example:

“Lazy Ass” = Lazy

“Long Ass” = Long  

 “Grown Ass Man” = Grown Man

So in reality you just add “ass” to anything and it just makes it cooler. For example “I just bought this blue ass shirt”. ISMO doesn’t stop there. He goes on explaining how adding “ass” to a word can actually reverse the meaning of the word.



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