Top 4 Benefits of Having a Language Exchange Partner

Why have a language exchange partner?

Learning a new language is tough and most people can agree that the best way to learn a language is through immersion. Having a language exchange partner is given you an opportunity to learn the way we are suppose and that is by speaking the language. Below you will find the four top reasons to finding a language partner.


1. Positive Social Motivation

Classes offer important material as a base to learning a language but having a conversation partner can help put everything you learnt into practice. This is why having a language exchange partner is the fun part. Meeting a friendly face that is going through the exact same thing as you not only provide you with encouragement but reminds you that you are not alone in the process. You learn together. 


2. Training Your Ear

One of the biggest difficulties in learning a language is picking up accents and slang. As languages are meant to be spoken, what is better than finding your very own language partner. Textbooks and audio lessons are just not the same as actually being face to face with a native speaker. With a language partner you learn in real-time with context. So if you cannot go to another country for the full immersion experience, then why not find yourself a local language exchange partner within your own city?


3. Non-Verbal Cues

Often times when you are traveling you catch yourself understanding what someone says without even knowing the language. This is because you picked up on a person body language. These non-verbal cues are very important to learn and increase your vocabulary. With a language partner you can point to things, see their facial expressions, and make hand gestures. It truly is amazing how much fast we can improve our language skills by just seeing other people speak.


4. Immersion Experiences (In your own city or while abroad)

As you may already know #Vivalanga is a language exchange app that allows you to connect with #nativespeakers within your own city. As the community grows it becomes easier to find language exchange partners no matter where you are. So if you have time between classes or taking a break from your everyday routine, you can go on your phone and find a native speaker near you! The benefit of meeting several people throughout the day or week not only provides you an #immersion experience, but you will be making friends and what better way to becoming #fluent than surrounding yourself with other language learners.



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